11 Best Glitter Eyeshadows for 2022 | by InStyle

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Almost every single makeup look I create includes some type of glitter eyeshadow. Whether that be with a shimmer pigment to highlight my brow bone or an entire sparkle eyelid accompanied by an equally metallic eyeliner, I always add something that shines. Maybe you watch a lot of Euphoria and want to re-create one of the many glittery moments created by makeup artist Donni Davy, or perhaps you’ve binged RuPaul’s Drag Race for the tenth time and need to learn how to do a glitter cut crease. Truly, you need no reason or excuse to whip out one of these eyeshadows and create an enchanting beat. Thankfully, there are endless options available to take your makeup to a glammed level. Mica Powder Pigment

11 Best Glitter Eyeshadows for 2022 | by InStyle

While searching for the best glitter eyeshadows on the market, we asked celebrity makeup artists, content creators, and beauty-obsessed editors who’ve tried their fair share of glitzy products for their recommendations. In addition to the favorites from our experts, we researched and tested the highest-rated glitters filling our Instagram and TikTok feeds to find the very best.

Below, check out the best glitter eyeshadows.

What We Love: The cream formula dries fast and won’t crease.

What We Don’t Love: The packaging is clunky.

Glitter eyeshadow can be tricky to apply, especially if you don’t have time to clean up the inevitable fallout from loose pigments. That’s where this creamy eye paint from about-face comes in. From the brand's Fractal collection, these glitters are whipped into a mousse formula for an effortless application that slides onto your eyelids leaving behind a sparkly finish. One of my go-to makeup looks is a simple smokey eye with the gold sparkle shade (Apollo Empire) on top for a stunning stare. The shadows are easy to use, with a small doe-foot applicator that easily transfers the pigment onto skin without getting patchy or flaky. You can swipe any of the colors (from dark blue to grunge bronze) and get a buildable opaque swatch or blend it out for a sheer shimmer.

Founded by singer/songwriter Halsey, these glitters are made to last through the professional singer sweating and rocking out on stage. I have hooded eyes and my constant fear is an eyeshadow that creases through the day, leaving behind lines of product clumping on my lids. I have never had that issue with these paints that always leave behind a foiled shimmer that doesn’t get eaten away by my face’s natural oils or even me accidentally rubbing my eyes. The only thing I’d change is the packaging of the liquid eyeshadow itself. While the aluminum-like foil of the product's packaging adds to the aesthetics, I often struggle with the container folding excessively in my organizer and taking up a lot of space.

Container Size: 0.15 oz | Glitter Size: Fine shimmer foils | Formula: Mousse | Color(s): Eight; including brown, gold, and teal

What We Love: The eyeshadow has various glitter sizes creating an extra sparkly finish.

What We Don’t Love: The formula creases after long days.

During the beginning of the pandemic when everyone was baking bread and learning new hobbies, I was sitting in my childhood bedroom doing my makeup. We all coped with quarantine in our own ways, and mine was through glittery makeup, specifically the liquid glitter eyeshadows from e.l.f. Cosmetics. The nine shades are jam-packed with sparkles to create a textured look that doesn’t feel flaky or chunky when applied. Be mindful of the expiration date on the product, as it will start to congeal and clump together as it dries out.

My favorite shade is the silver holographic color, Disco Queen, which makes me feel like I’m about to do a dancing number from “Mamma Mia.” Application is easy with the large doe-foot applicator that picks up a good amount of product so you don’t have to keep going back. A primer won’t be necessary since the liquid formula sets as it dries, however those with hooded eyes might benefit from a little primer to keep midday creasing at bay. I love how much product you get in the tiny rectangular container that I can always find even at the bottom of my bag. In true e.l.f. Cosmetics fashion, these liquid eyeshadows are widely available in-store and online, and at a low price that gets lower with added coupons from the brand. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few shades to uplift an everyday natural face, or for special occasions that deserve some glam.

Container Size: 0.1 fl oz | Glitter Size: fine and chunky sparkle | Formula: Liquid | Color(s): Nine; including rainbow holographic, deep blue, purple, and silver

What We Love: The glitter works as a shadow topper, highlighter, and liner.

What We Don’t Love: The darker colors aren’t as buildable as the lighter shades.

Glitter royalty, Donni Davy, paved the way for a new genre of glitter makeup with her cosmetic talents on the popular HBO Original, Euphoria. From her work on the show, she earned two Emmys and also founded her own brand, Half Magic Beauty. The collection features the actual products that she used on characters played by Sydney Sweeney and Barbie Ferreira, including these Glitterpill eyeliners. Beauty editors and makeup artists alike can’t get enough of these liners that also double as a sheer eyeshadow topper.

Liners are available in four shades with fun names, like Money Plz, to represent the copper penny hues, and Neptune Daddy to represent the deep turquoise color. Wait a few seconds before you blink or move your eyes around with these liquid liners that need to dry first to guarantee a transfer-free look. At first swatch, all of the colors seem buildable, however, the darker shades are very sheer and don’t reach the opaque level I want with my glitter eyeshadow. However, it still makes a good eyeshadow topper for a subtle look with hyper-reflective sparkle moments. Make sure you give the liners a good shake before using them to swirl the watery formula to get the best application.

Aptly named, the glammed-up pill packaging makes for a sparkly addition to your desk or makeup bag, and won’t break even if you’re clumsy like me and constantly drop things. “Half Magic’s Glitterpills have a great applicator for small detail glitter work,” says makeup artist Gabrielle Alvarez. This helps users create a thin line each time, without fear of the brush dulling out since it’s made from a bendy plastic that won’t poke you in the eyes. One thing to note, the applicator isn’t as long as the container itself, so you’ll eventually have to pry the top open to get to the bottom of the glittery goodness that you’ll want every drop of.

Glitter Size: Fine and extra-fine | Formula: Liquid | Color(s): Copper, silver holographic, turquoise, and green

What We Love: These glitters create a mature sparkle look.

What We Don’t Love: Darker shades take more effort to apply.

Hourglass offers a chic and sophisticated version of a glitter eyeshadow with these shimmery shades that are available in nine different shades. The neutral and dark shade range is expected from the makeup artist-backed brand that promotes quality products to create an expensive look. InStyle Senior Commerce Editor, Shannon Bauer was eager to share these easy-to-use pigments as her favorite. “I can blend a shadow into my crease and top with glitter in the center or put just the glitters all over my lid,” she shares. We both agree that all of the shadows are best applied with your finger to get the best foil possible, however, darker shades like the deep cranberry and olive options can benefit from a brush for a more controlled look.

With one swipe you’ll get a metallic foil hue that can blend out for a smokey eye or layered look. If you want to combine the colors for a custom creation, these shadows are very buildable and won’t crease even with the added coats. These shadows are best described as an adult version of a glitter eyeshadow that shifts my shimmery love of sparkle in a mature way with light and deep colors that’ll catch anyone's eye in a Zoom meeting and in-office happy hours. “It looks like you took a lot of time and effort, but really it took two seconds.” shares Bauer.

Container Size: 0.12 oz | Glitter Size: Metallic | Formula: Cream | Color(s): 9; including champagne, copper, cranberry, and bronze

What We Love: The formula is both sheer and buildable.

What We Don’t Love: The packaging is tricky to get into.

If you’re looking for a lighter glitter that doesn’t skimp out on glitzy fun, you need to pick up these Urban Decay single shadows. Once you start using these shimmer shades you’ll find yourself always adding a little glitter here and there every time you do your makeup. These extremely sheer moondust eyeshadows can be applied to the entire lid for a deep glitter shimmer or blended out for an ethereal fairy-like style that pairs with the skin's natural undertones and work as toppers.

The toppers are available in five shades and contain the naturally found mineral mica to create the reflective glitter seen. I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging for this product that easily breaks and cracks while jostling around in my makeup bag. A pot container or more durable plastic would be appreciated to protect the pigment from shattering.

Container Size: 0.06 oz | Glitter Size: Fine sheer | Formula: Pressed pigment | Color(s): 5; including light champagne and brown

What We Love: This glitter can be used safely on the entire face; including the eyes and lips.

What We Don’t Love: Some maneuvering is required to get an opaque layer.

Repeat after me: I do not need to use craft glitter for fun festival makeup. As tempting as it may be to pick up a random chunky glitter from Michaels or Amazon to save money, it’s not worth the skin irritation or potential scratched cornea. Instead, pick an eye-safe and biodegradable option like this one from TooD Beauty. You’ve likely seen this brand on your feed, especially during festival season, and for good reasons – the main one being once this glitter dries it’s set for the entire day.

I tested a sample that the brand sent me and was amazed at how much product fit into the small container and how easy it was to use. Using my finger and a small precision makeup brush, I noticed that it was easier to apply with a brush and smooth out with my finger to get an even layer with the large circular and hexagonal glitters. There are layers to this glitter size, with chunky shapes mixed with fine glitter and related pigment to create an overall dynamic shadow.

Alvarez usually posts shimmery makeup on their Instagram showing off whatever glitzy look they just did. For extremely glittery looks, she recommends these BioGlitters that can be used on the eyes, lips, and body. “They are biodegradable and mess-free, but have all the high shine of a normal glitter!” shares the makeup artist. If you’re looking to experiment with your look, comb these glitters through your eyebrows or even armpit hairs to embrace this natural space.

Container Size: 0.12oz | Glitter Size: Chunky Glitter | Formula: Gel | Color(s): 6; including gold, teal, and purple

What We Love: This palette has all the colors you need for a complete eyeshadow moment.

What We Don’t Love: A primer is needed to keep colors from creasing.

Both makeup-obsessed people and glitter-lovers should treat themselves to a palette from Dame Pat McGrath. If we’re talking glitter, we obviously have to include Pat McGRATH LABS which creates makeup artist-worthy cosmetics worn by celebs such as Dua Lipa, Nicola Coughlan, and Naomi Campbell. Out of all the palettes from the brand, we like this one for the varying glitter shades that have shimmer, foil, and metallic finishes. Additionally, three matte shades of pink, peach, and brown are added so you won’t need another palette for certain looks. Even without a primer, the shadows will pop on any skin tone, however starting with a light priming base first will ensure a long-lasting shadow that won’t crease under sweat, oil, and continuous movement.

InStyle’s Executive Beauty Editor, Kayla Greeves, reaches for this well-beloved eyeshadow palette when she wants to add some sparkle to her makeup. “This palette is perfect for anyone who wants to create a super sultry eye, but also wants a touch of glimmer. And with seven glittery shades to choose from, there's something for everyone.” That something is subtle pops of pink, champagne gold, and taupe nude for brow bone highlights or inner corner glows, as well as a rich intergalactic reflective purple shade for a bold eye. Emmy award-winning makeup artist and Director of Artistry for Freck Beaut, Alexandra French, also likes these eyeshadows for a fine shimmer that makes its way onto most of her looks. I was amazed at the creaminess of the pigments that were just as vivid when applied with my finger or a brush. The colors also layer beautifully to create dimensional looks when the shimmer and foil shades are applied on top of the mattes.

Glitter Size: fine metallic foils and shimmers  | Formula: Pressed shadow | Color(s): 3 Mattes and seven shimmer/glitters

 Glam Goth Beauty 

What We Love: There are various colors and glitter sizes to choose from.

What We Don’t Love: The darker colors are hard to clean up.

Out of all the formulations of glitters available, the messiest option is always going to be loose glitters that can easily get everywhere if you’re not careful. However, it’s so worth it when you see the bewitching impact of these Glitter Diamonds from the Black-owned brand, Glam Goth Beauty. As the brand's name infers, these glitters combine the dark grunge expected of a goth look with the glamorous addition that all glitter lovers want. Customers can choose from over 40 colors and varying glitter sizes for subtle touches of sparkle or full-blown dramatic lids. If you’re into spooky things or anything zodiac related, then you’ll love the fun-themed collections that founder Marley curated to coincide with certain scary movies and astrological signs. Deep purple and lime green are combined to create a Beetlejuice-inspired glitter, with other scary movies like “Annabelle,” “Rocky Horror,” and “Scream” getting their own mixture. One color I often use is the color representing my own zodiac, a green and gold-infused shade called Taurus.

All of the products from this brand are vegan and cruelty-free including the glitters. You’ll want to have an eyeshadow primer on hand when using these to ensure the best stick. My favorite is the NYX Professional Makeup Long Lasting Glitter Primer which never lets me down and keeps my glitter in place through humid temperatures and long nights out. Make sure you apply the glitter first before going onto your base makeup to clean the likely fallout from the product. Thankfully these glitters have a plastic cover with a small hole for more intentional application — just dip your brush into the glitter and gently press the pigment to your eyelids (after primer) for various glitter looks. Be careful using the darker colors like the rainbow black shade Scorpio, which has chunky glitter that takes FOREVER to remove. You’ll be picking glitter off your skin and hands for hours. If you ask me, it’s always worth it.

Glitter Size: Fine, chunky, and shaped | Formula: Loose | Color(s): 42; including blue, dark purple, and neon pink

What We Love: The pigments are easy to apply without any fallout.

What We Don’t Love: Nothing!

Bodyography created these glitter pigments in 2015 as their answer to a sparkly eyeshadow that won’t leave behind any fallen residue. The cream-like gel formula is where this shadow gets its praise for a soft pressed powder that doesn’t require a primer before use. InStyle commerce editor, Mary Honkus, considers glitter eyeshadow to be her love language and says that nothing compares to these Bodyography glitters. “Each glittering hue is buildable so you can get a sheer gleam with one pass or an incandescent pop of color with more,” she says.

Available in 20 shades, there are color options for every type of look; from ethereal fairy to grunge rock star. One swipe of the pressed formula that Honkus compares to eyeliner, and you’ll be on your way. The makeup options are endless for this product which can be used all over the face. “I like to apply it with my finger onto my lids and inner corners, and it also makes for a great highlighter, too,” she shares. These glitters are vegan and cruelty, talc, and fragrance-free, offering a conscious glitter choice that won’t irritate the skin during application or removal.

Container Size: .32 oz | Glitter Size: Fine Shimmer | Formula: Cream | Color(s): 20; including gray, pink, taupe, and green

What We Love: The multi-toned colors are out of this world stunning.

What We Don’t Love: You need to keep the lid tight or the product starts to dry fast.

Chrome and metallic shades create an aluminum shine on the face, making it an honorary glitter product, especially when many cosmetics include extra fine glitters in the formula mix for a little extra charge. Danessa Myricks always creates professional quality products with a vibrant payoff that lasts me through sweaty subway days and mini crying sessions. These Chrome Flakes went viral on TikTok for the same reasons as its magical application left a liquid-looking chrome on eyelids.

The consistency of the chrome paint looks flaky in the jar itself, however, it is extremely soft to the touch and spreads out like a gel. Make sure to keep the jar fastened tight or else the product will dry out, and believe me, no amount of mixing fluid can fix that. Makeup artist and educator Bobbie Riley recommends these chrome flakes for their gel-like formula that leaves a dimensional multi-color finish. After testing it, I realized the hype was correct and immediately purchased three more of the multi-toned colors. While you may be tempted to use your finger, a brush is the best way to apply these shadows that might take a little trial and error to get right. This is because the formula is very thin, and if you don’t wait for it to dry you’ll end up with a patchy color. The product is packed into the container and a little goes a long way when using. Start by adding a thin layer before building on top of it for opaqueness. The more vibrant colors like the fiery orange Hot Lava or the deep purple Super Star seem sheer at first, but as the light catches the angles of the chrome it reflects back to the bold hue.

Container Size: 0.13 oz | Glitter Size: Chunky holographic | Formula: Gel | Color(s): 11; including baby pink, orange, blue, and green

What We Love: These shadows do not budge!

What We Don’t Love: The lighter shades look very different on darker complexions.

Almost every cosmetics brand has its own version of a liquid eyeshadow with some form of glitter involved. Of course, there’s the iconic ​​Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Shadows and even the r.e.m. beauty Midnight Shadows Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow, but none compare to the extra sparkly pigments from ONE/SIZE Beauty. Founded by Beauty YouTube royalty Patrick Starrr, the Eye Popper Sparkle Vision liquid shadow is crowned the best for its dazzling shimmer and foil that is only intensified with each layer. Even in one coat, you’re left with an opaque finish that can be layered on top without fear of creasing or clumping. Just let the product dry a bit before continuing. The formula dries very fast and once it’s set it won’t move.

I’ve been using these shadows for over a year after the brand sent me a sample to try when it first launched. I am obsessed with the metallic black shade (Death Drop) that has hints of gold glitter in the mix that bring out the similar colored specks in my eyes. Darker colors sometimes end up very sheer when first applying them, but I have never had a problem with this pigmented option that doesn’t need a lot of product to reach that opaque color. If you’re curious about its lasting power, just know I took one for the team and showered with these on to see if the steam and water would create any creases or smearing — it didn't. There are five colors available, with varying light neutrals and a gold shade that can work as a regular shadow topper or on its own for an all-over application. The two lightest shades are described as champagne and taupe nude respectively and can look more cool-toned on dark skin tones, creating a more foiled icy look than shimmery.

Container Size: 0.14 oz | Glitter Size: Extra fine foils | Formula: Liquid | Color(s): Five; including champagne, olive, and black

Glitter of all types (both craft and cosmetic grade) come in various shapes and grains for different sparkle effects. Depending on the type of look you’re trying to achieve means using different products with different glitter finishes. Within this list, we have options for chunky glitter from TooD BioGlitter, extra fine and shaped glitter from Glam Goth Beauty Diamond Glitters), and differing sizes in between. If you want more of a festival look, consider chunky glitters that’ll give a Kesha-inspired face from her OG “TiK ToK” days. Products with mixed glitter sizes, like the e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow, leave a multi-dimensional look with glitter reflecting at every angle, for when you really want people to be wowed. And eyeshadows with really fine glitter like the metallic foils from the Pat McGRATH palette create wispy fairy-like shimmers with millions of tiny specks. 

The evolution of glitter makeup has brought many formula options that change the way we apply glitter eyeshadow. Wet-based glitters in the form of cream, gel, and liquid are ideal for more controlled use and less fall-out. Most products have some form of bonding base that allows the products to glide onto the skin to create a foiled look with plenty of sparkles still packed into the ingredients. A few examples from this list include gel formulas like the Danessa Myricks Chrome Flakes, creams like the Hourglass Cosmetics Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow, and liquids like the ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Eye Popper Sparkle Vision Liquid Eyeshadow. If you’re okay with a little mess and want the most glammed look possible, you need to look for loose glitters that’ll need a glitter primer or adhesive to stick onto the face. Finally, we have the pressed glitter pigment that is mixed with shimmer colors to create various types of glitter that can be easily blended between products.

Before you start doing the rest of your makeup, apply your glitter shadow first to make the clean-up process easier when fallout occurs. For the best pigment possible, use your fingers to pick up the product before applying it to your eyelids. French shares with InStyle that she always uses her digits for glitter. “It’s so much easier to pick up the product that way,” she continues. “If I’m using a brush it’s the INGLOT Glitter Applicator 45S.”

Riley prefers a brush to apply her glitters but always suggests using a glitter primer for specific formulas. “For loose glitter, I'd recommend applying on top a glitter adhesive,” she continues. “For liquid or gel glitter pigments, I recommend using a shadow on top to maximize the visibility of glitter pigment.” When it comes to glitter primers, Riley’s favorites are the NYX Professional Makeup Long Lasting Glitter Primer and the Mehron Makeup Ad Gem, for sparkles that last through the day. If you have hooded eyes, or lids that tend to crease, let the formula of glitter gels and cream shadows fully dry before moving your lids. This helps guarantee the color will set and won’t crease through the day. 

When it’s time to remove the glitzy shine on your eyelids, French recommends using tape to pull at the pigment for quicker cleaning. Avoid packing tape or anything too sticky that might cause irritation to your eyes. Tape can also come in handy when applying your glitter makeup, to clean up fallout that might occur. The cosmetic grade glitters on this list are made to break down for an easier removal process, versus craft glitters that get clumpy and can scratch at the skin when trying to wipe off. You don’t want chunky glitter pieces getting stuck in your eye, or worse clogging your drains. If you don’t have tape on hand, invest in a good cleansing balm like the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm or the Banila Co Clean It Zero 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm. These will eat away at any makeup and make it easy to wipe clean (with a damp cloth) before rinsing away any residue.

11 Best Glitter Eyeshadows for 2022 | by InStyle

Glitter Eye Makeup Alexis Gaskin is the former commerce writer at InStyle covering beauty and fashion, with the former being one of her favorite subjects to write about. She takes glitter makeup seriously (it’s literally noted in her bio) so she made sure to find and test the very best glitters. Alexis sifted through her personal collection of 30+ glitter products that includes the about-face Fractal Glitter Eye Paints, the Glam Goth Beauty Glitter Diamonds, and the Danessa Myricks Chrome Flakes, just to name a few. She also spoke with celebrity makeup artists and glitter lovers Alexandra French, Bobbie Riley, and Gabrielle Alvarez to get their insight on glitter application and removal, along with their personal favorites and glitter must-haves.